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DeWitt Information Technology,  has become an authority in "Open Source" solutions for your personal and  business needs.  If you are among the hundreds of thousands of people looking for a true alternative to the Microsoft expense, hassle and security headache, we can show you the way!


The support and demand by the computing community has helped to rapidly gain major corporate support both in use and product offerings for Linux.  Games, business software, development environments are incredibly robust and feature rich. And yes, easy to use.


Over 90% of the tools and software you need and use currently with your Microsoft Windows platform are included in most all Linux distributions.  Programs like OpenOffice, GIMP, FireFox, and Messengers are just some of the hundreds of great Open Source applications you do not need to buy separately!  And the best part is you can download and use Linux for free! That is right, free!

Don't be fooled though, you will need to stop thinking Microsoft Windows, and think Linux.  For those interested in just diving in themselves, we are here to point you in the right direction. And for those that need more support and guidance we have range of customizable services to accomplish that task.  We run our business on Linux and Open Source and can help you shake the Microsoft habit as well.

For those that have specific applications or equipment requiring Microsoft Windows, Linux also provides you the option to utilizing "Virtual Computing" to run Microsoft Windows in a window, on your Linux Desktop.  Companies like VMware  has a variety of free and commercial products to support almost any operating system in a virtual environment.

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